Happy Birthday Gram!!

I wanted to take a minute to wish a special lady in my life a Happy Birthday. So Happy Birthday Grandma!! I also thought it would be appropriate to share a photo I have of her when she was 16 years old. I love old photos and have a small collection of my family. I treasure each and every one of them. 

She is working it for the camera! I also had to share the cute card I sent her:

Purchased at one of our favorite shops here in Denver, Talulah Jones. We could spend all day and all of our money there. 

And as my day of birth approaches I think Mr. Twain sums it up nicely....
Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.  ~Mark Twain


HOPE for Haiti benefit...

Being newcomers to the Denver scene, Tess and I are making efforts to get out more often and meet our fellow Denverites. We recently attended a HOPE for Haiti benefit at Jazz@Jacks in Denver, donating some of our hard-earned money while having a little fun doing it. :) The benefit was put on by Behind the Moon, 303Network, and Absolute Commercial Enterprises, a few popular networking/social organizations for Denver's finest, most compassionate professionals. We had the pleasure of witnessing some intense, booty-shakin  Chicago line dancing, won a couple raffled gift items (Tess = salad seasoning set & myself = gift certificate to dinner at Sketch in Cherry Creek...taking the hubby out on a hot date! or my awesome biz partner lol). Overall, the night was a success and we were glad to partake. It's always inspiring to witness people coming together to lift up others and we are committed to doing what good we can as a company and as caring, conscientious human beings.

But of course, I leave you with a quote... O that Maya. 

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
-- Maya Angelou

Introducing...the Flip!

We welcome a new addition to our family...the Flip video camera! We couldn't be more excited about it!! It's small, easy to use, covered with cute little cupcakes and best of all records HD video and we want to offer it to YOU (or a bridesmaid or a groomsmen) on your special day. Here is how it works; when we arrive to photograph we will hand this little baby over to the lucky selected person. This person will record 60 minutes of what he/she chooses of your big day. They can pass it around to your best bud Sally, your great Aunt Tilly, whoever wants to can leave a little message of love & blessings for you! As we pack up we will collect the camera and you will receive a DVD containing all the footage captured. Not only will you get photos but now video! Add it to your engagement/family/children session.

For more details please email! info@lovenjoyphotography.com

A photograph is memory in the raw.  ~Carrie Latet

A wonderful Thanksgiving blessing...

As the proud aunt of another beautiful niece, and an admitted picture taking fool, I cannot resist posting photos of my experience in Fredericksburg, VA this past holiday season as we welcomed Miss Emily Joy into the family. I know the holidays are long gone, but I thought I'd share nonetheless. My older brother Jeremy & his lovely wife sure do make cute kids! 

From the minute Emily Joy was brought home, big sister Kaitlyn has been committed to showing her the ropes. First things first, let's learn how to read~!

What a great moment captured in time... :)

This was a must-post as it became overnight Facebook favorite.

Emily, tuckered out from a long day of reading class with Kaitlyn. 

New life is so inspiring & brings such joy to a family, no matter what other hardships they may be facing. Again...glad to do what I do. :)

And I leave with a quote from the author of one of my all time favorite books! 
(Little Women...how appropriate)

Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood.  ~Louisa May Alcott