Love•n•Joy Frame Collection...{Denver Wedding Photography} promised, here are some of the other frames in the new collection we will be offering our clients!

This is only a small sample of the frame designs and there are more colors to choose from. You can also order a double stack frame in any design/color combo.

 Email us at info@lovenjoyphotography to get pricing and place orders.

(Double-Stack example)

Boudoir Valentine's Day Special {Denver Boudoir Photography}

Kimothy and I have decided to explore the world of boudoir photography. Now we are hooked. HOOKED. There is nothing better than helping a woman feel beautiful and sexy one photograph at a time. We could shoot boudoir all day. And that is what we plan on doing on February 12th. So contact us to schedule your shoot. Details as follows....

What you will get:
•An hour with yours truly, Tess & Kimothy, at a trendy hotel suite
•Champagne &  hors d'oeurves
•50 beautifully edited images on disc
•Your choice of an 8x10 fine art print
•Full copyrights

$275.00 {400.00 value}

Add On:
•Our little black book
containing 10-15 of your favorite images for that special someone's eyes only (6x6, 20 pages, black leather cover)


•Refer two friends on the same day and receive a FREE little black book.

What you need to do:
•Email us at or call 720.515.5328 to schedule your shoot on February 12th
•Find some sexy lingerie 
•Get your sexy on!

A boudoir shoot is the perfect Valentine's Day present, wedding gift for your groom, surprise for your special someone or just do it for yourself. Plus, we always have such a blast just being girls and rummaging through costume jewelry, props, lingerie and the like. :)

We look forward to making you look ridiculously HOT.

Tess & Kimothy (your boudoir, wedding & beyond photographers)

Introducing our Love•n•Joy frame collection... {Denver Wedding Photography}

Tess and I have confirmed (firmly confirmed) we're pretty non-traditional when it comes to the world of weddings. We get really excited when a bride and groom make their wedding day their own, infusing their personalities into every detail and throwing caution to the wind. It's so easy to get caught up in the traditional events of a wedding without questioning if each element is really reflective of you, what you believe, and who you are as a couple. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding. Being respectful of one another and each of your families is of course a primary concern. But PLEASE! Have fun with it! It's a celebration!

That being said, we decided from the get go that we wanted to offer our clients products that are unique and playful, with a vintage edge. We have been determined to find the best album company and frame company that offer products you cannot get in stores. These are custom made with love. :) We've even purchased a lovely high quality printer and professional grade, signature paper that we will be using to create one-of-a-kind prints from your wedding and engagement sessions. Some of the papers include a Velvet Fine Art paper (yes, it feels SO good to the touch), Exhibition Fiber paper, and a Hot Press Bright paper. The way these sheets hold the ink is gorgeous. We discovered them in a gallery display at the PDN expo in NYC and fell in love. Delicious. Schedule a consultation with us and you'll get to experience what good paper really is. Our goal is to continually offer boutique, fine art products that are handmade and showcase your photos in an original way. We're always on the hunt for the latest and greatest, so we'll post frequently this year on our must-see findings.

Let the first reeeeally cool Love•n•Joy product introduction of 2011 blog post commence!

We are now offering these oh so whimsical, funky, yet vintage-flair frames to our clients. As aforementioned, we are not your traditional photographers so it would never make sense to offer traditional frames, right?

These frames come in all different scalloped edged designs, sizes and colors. They treat the edges so they look worn and rustic. You can even double up the designs so that it is two cut out wood pieces stacked on top of each other with one single image framed inside. More on that later. I'll post photos of the full collection so you'll be able to see the variety of fun options.

Or maybe I'll just keep them all for myself. :)

Let us know what you think of our frames and please send any new product ideas our way! We want to know what YOU love too!


your Denver wedding photographers,
Kimothy & Tess

Eve + Ilya :: Lil Sneak Preview {Las Vegas Wedding Photography}

Okay...we're still in Las Vegas. But we just had to share a couple of fun shots from Saturday's wedding and today's Neon Museum + Nevada desert.

It was SO hard to narrow these down to a little sneak peek, but here you go! (As you can see, Eve and Ilya (pronounced Ill-ee-uh) are making all of our photography dreams come true in Vegas...hahaha)

Stay tuned for the full recap once we return to Colorado and have edited through the millionssss of photos we've taken here.

Naturally, Elvis crashed the wedding reception! It was a surprise and the guests got a big kick out of it.

Does this guy look familiar? He was recently in Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas" music video! Can you spot him?

~Viva Las Vegas~

your Denver + Las Vegas wedding photographers...
Kimothy & Tess
Love n Joy Photography

Lindsey & Colter...Downtown Denver Engagement Session {Denver Engagement Photography}

We met Lindsey & Colter at the Wine Loft downtown. They needed some liquid courage. Hey, we know it's difficult to be in front of the camera. Who are we to judge?? :) From there we wandered around LoDo photographing where ever we felt inclined. Lindsey & Colter are so fun to hang out with. They are such a playful and adorable couple. Can't wait for their wedding this June!

Bling bling

We ended the session in Larimer Square. Who doesn't love that section of the street?

 A big thanks to the Wine Loft for allowing us to photograph inside.

I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. Roy Croft

your Denver Engagement Photographers,
Tess & Kimothy

Katie & Kyle...a sweet stroll through country Colorado {Boulder Engagement Photography}

Each blog updating event becomes more and more frustrating than necessary for us. We sit down with the intent to share recent work that we think is pretty cool, then blogger ruins everything. The alignment of the photos and text is sometimes off. The size of the images are confined to a small strip of space. We apologize for our blog looking a little helter skelter. But, you'll be happy to know we are completely revamping our blog in the next month and switching to Wordpress. What does this mean exactly? Larger images, easier to create/edit new posts, and the ability to use really dynamic Wordpress templates that can be fully customized (don't worry, we are hiring a professional to do this!) We cannot wait to share with you the new design!

Oops! Enough with the griping. I'm done, I promise.

Introducing Katie & Kyle! They are engaged and plan on marrying in 2012 but wanted to get going on an engagement session before Kyle departs to Afghanistan in May for military duty. We feel honored to have done this for them. And guess what! They are high school sweethearts (love that!) These two were so fun to work with and we hope their quiet, playful love resonates throughout the following images... P.S.- Colorado's beauty never ceases to fail us. We fully recognize and appreciate the 300 days of sunshine. :) Love, like sunshine, warms every moment...brightens every day.

You can't touch love, but you can feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. -Annie Sullivan
Yours truly, 
Kimothy & Tess
your Denver wedding photographers
& Boulder engagement photographers :)