Do you know what's exciting??!

We had a photo of Melissa + Matt's wedding appear in The Knot Colorado!

This is our first photo to be published in a magazine. I can't tell you how excited I was to be in Barnes & Noble and purchase the magazine. Next, we must get a real wedding published ;)

Melissa + AJ's Mile High wedding {Denver Wedding Photography}

On Saturday, June 4th, Melissa and AJ joined hands in marriage! Tess and I had been counting down the days until we could document this couple's wedding. After meeting to book their wedding, then spending a day shooting their engagement pics in Evergreen, we've gotten to witness firsthand how ridiculously in love these two are and how sweetly they interact. From the story of their first encounter with one another (they both ordered waters at a bar...) to their zany stories of Rick Lumbergh, we knew Melissa and AJ were going to have an unforgettable wedding! Their ceremony took place at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, CO followed by an insanely crazy fun reception at The Mile High Station in Denver by Invesco field. We hope these images invite you into the story of their day and are a reflection of their insatiable adoration and respect for one another :) Melissa and AJ, congrats! Thank you for letting us celebrate your love! 

Tess and I like to pass our cameras along to eager beginners who might have had too much to drink. Don't worry, we've got insurance? hahaha. Photographers have to take a little dance break from time to time, too!

Yesssss, a choreographed dance from the bridal party!!

This flowergirl partied way too hard.

One of the major highlights of this wedding and a demonstration of how fun this crowd was, was the attendance of AJ's favorite lawn ornament friend he "borrowed" from a random yard during college. The rest was history. AJ and friends dubbed this little man "Rick Lumbergh" and have brought him along for all their life adventures, including trips to Vegas. Rick has quite a way with the ladies, a bit of a drinking problemo, and some really killer dance moves. Please click on the collage below to experience just another day in the life of Rick Lumbergh. You can find him on Facebook if you want to join in his following. His presence at this wedding was a true honor. ;)