Angela & Shaun engagement session {Denver Wedding Photographers}

We had the pleasure of photographing Angela & Shaun this month along with their cute little baby boy! I sometimes like to write in outline format because it reminds me of my school days and makes me feel young again...sigh...(another birthday hits Sept 6th people...I'm feeling old) so here goes amusing myself. English buffs, feel free to submit your gripes/corrections with my grammar in writing.

All you need to know about this session is right here in beautiful outline format:

I.  Angela & Shaun are a pretty dang cute couple.
    A. The way they played and interacted with their son was awesome to witness.
         1. I feel like I'm unable to use the word witness anymore without thinking of Lebron James (yuck).
II. Angela had some pretty awesome pumps.
    A. It was super cute to watch Shaun help Angela remove her heels everytime they got stuck between the wood planks of the bridge.
    B. The little man had some pretty awesome kicks as well.
         1. "Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, what a mighty fine man....yes he isssssssss" (Salt n Pepa) should be this guys theme song?
III. The Platte River area in downtown is a pretty sweet location to photograph at. You've got your greenery, your urban/industrial look, and gorgeous bridges over the water to work with.
    A. Platte River gets two thumbs up in my book.
IV. I'm hoping I can become their future babysitter/photog of choice.
V. In conclusion, we loved the results from the shoot. You two are beautiful. Best of luck to your new life together and your cute little family.
    A. xoxo :)

A big thanks to Alexandra from Flawless, Timeless & Blue for sending this lovely couple our way!:)

Kimothy, signing out. You stay classy Denver.

Shay...the next American Idol? {Denver Portrait Headshots Photography}

We had the pleasure of photographing the budding vocalist Shay last week. She's a gorgeous girl and knew exactly what to do, thanks to a lot of tips from Tyra (America's Next Top Model).

We love, love, love the results from this shoot and def plan on photographing this natural beauty again (whenever she's home from college). Thanks for an amazing shoot, Shay, and we wish you the best with your career! xoxo

Chelsey & Jeremy Engaged! {part two}

We travelled back to Ohio for one of our favorite couple's wedding this past weekend, Jeremy and Chelsey. But before they got hitched we did two (yes two) engagement sessions. I had the honor of photographing their ceremony so more of these two to come! :)

We started off at the marina where Jeremy keeps his boat, Mama's Buoy (cleaver, right?).

These photos make me reallllly miss the lake. We decided to go for a ride on Mama's Buoy. Chels & Jeremy driving the boat together makes me laugh....
We end the day with some cuddling on the boat:)
Now for day two....
This field was my favorite. We did get laughed at by the property owner for frolicking in the "weeds" but I love the Queen Anne's Lace. I don't care what he says. :)
Andddd I'll end it with Chels and Jeremy on their wedding day. They looked amazing. I love them. I miss them. I hope they are having a blast on their honeymoon. More to come !

Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.


Melissa & Matt's City Park Wedding {Denver Wedding Photographers}

We had the opportunity to photograph Melissa & Matt (AGAIN!) on their wedding day which took place at City Park in Denver, CO this past month. This wedding exuded the sweet, whimsical, and fun-loving personalities of Matt and Melissa, and their family and friends. Melissa is one crafty/artsy girl, so the details were all so creative and so much fun to photograph.

Melissa definitely wins the best bridal shoes award! (I even promised her I would print her out some sort of certificate complete with a ribbon) She really was a gorgeous retro beauty and Matt, the perfect groom, especially with that bow tie and those argyle socks. Tess, Lauren, and I were honored to be a part of their day!

Stay tuned for an awesome post-wedding trash the dress session...

xoxo, Kimbo