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Okay, my friend just shared this awesome website with me that is similar to but better. If you're ever at work, cleaning house, editing thousands of images in one sitting and need some good tunes, you need to check out  You can customize your own playlists that you can save for future listening and also share with your friends. Just name the artist, album, or song and they have it!

We've had a lot of great feedback about the music on our Love•n•Joy photography website. People asking if we make "mix tapes" ;), etc.... Wellllll, we are flattered people are diggin our music selections. They are always pretty off the radar types of bands (or up-and-coming) and we love that they're not overplayed on the radio just yet.

When you get back from a wedding or event and there are thousands of images waiting for you to edit, you always plan on sitting at your computer for a reeeeeallly looooong time. Awesome, uplifting music that keeps you motivated and inspired always makes a difference.

Well, long story short, the wonderful people at have created a little widget that we've added to our blog so that we're able to share all those great tunes we're listening to from week to week as we continue to work away. You might think our music choices are a little weird (they usually are pretty obscure) but we'll put them out there for you to try, nonetheless! Maybe they'll make you get up and shake your bon-bon a lil or at least do a shoulder shrug, toe tap?

The widget is located on our look to your bottom right and you'll see it....hit Play!

We'll be updating our playlist continually, so stay tuned and enjoyyyyyyy :)

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  
~Berthold Auerbach

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