Matt's Senior Photos {Colorado Senior Photography}

Hellooooo friends. Tis the early hours of the morning and here I am, blogging before I hop a big jet airliner to Ohio. Such a dedicated blogger, I am.

I've been eager to share a fun senior portrait session I recently had with Matt down in the industrial downtown of Colorado Springs. I had never been to that area of the city, but amidst the old, decrepit warehouses, we came upon an abandoned train depot where a chattery homeless posse claimed it as their own. It felt strangely comfortable being there. Pretty similar to the area around our Denver abode where there is always plenty of spectacular old, industrial structures to shoot against at every street corner.

So thank you, Matt, for showing me a new location that I will def be back at and for a very fun afternoon! Call us when you need band photos! :)

"Youth is, after all, just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark, that you always carry in your heart."

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