Chelsey & Jeremy Engaged!

We have know Jeremy for a long time, elementary school long time. Jeremy started dating Chelsey in college and we all instantly fell in love with her. We would joke with Jeremy that he didn't really have to come hang out with us just drop Chelsey off though. Chelsey was a bridesmaid in Kimothy's wedding and now Kimothy will be standing next to Chelsey's side as she marrieds Jeremy. I, on the other hand, will be photographing their every move (of course Kimothy will have her camera close by). We are more than flattered that we were asked to photograph their big day and we are soooo excited!

I was in Ohio a few weeks ago and snuck in some engagement photos on Jeremy & Chelsey on Valentines day. So appropriate. It was FREEZING that day but they were troopers.

*Side note, these photos would have been up much sooner but my computer decided not to turn on after the trip back to Denver. It spend a better part of the week at the Apple store. All is well now and so glad I purchased the Apple protection program. phew!! 

Valentines day isn't complete without conversation hearts... 

Desolate doesn't begin to describe Ohio in the winter. We decided to photograph down by the frozen tundra we call Lake Erie. It's completely frozen over. First time in 14 years. Brrr!

Eskimo kisses! I loved the hats. Pretty sure they were Jeremy's idea;)

When we are back in Ohio for a wedding in July we will be photographing Jeremy and Chelsey again. They will be able to shed their winter coats and hats in exchange for summer dresses and short sleeves. Who doesn't want engagement photos from every season of the year? :) Jeremy and Chelsey, we love you and miss you!!

Grow old with me!  The best is yet to be.  ~Robert Browning

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