Brittany & Jeff engaged! {Denver Engagement Photography}

Are you ready for another autumn in Colorado engagement shoot?? Yeah? I thought you'd say that:) Meet Brittany & Jeff. They are getting married in April and we couldn't be more excited for their wedding. Have we mentioned that we love our clients? Absolutely the sweetest. For example, during the Thanksgiving holiday, we received an extra special email from Brittany & Jeff that reminded us of how lucky we are to be working with genuinely awesome people...

The email from Britt and Jeff read:

Hey guys we just wanted to send you an email saying thank you so much for all the work you put into our engagement photos and our save the dates. The save the dates were a HUGE success in the family and everyone loved them and thought the photos were the best photography they have seen (even the ones who got married, wished they had you guys) and we thought since its the week of thanksgiving, we should express our gratitude to you both, what you do really is amazing! and can't wait till April and the wedding. Thanks again!!! :) :)

Britt and Jeff

Brittany and I had been going back and forth trying to find the perfect location for her engagement session. She wanted somewhere with mountains, golden leaves and maybe some water. I'm sure there are thousands of these places in Colorado but we were hoping to keep it near Denver. Then I remembered Julie & JC's engagement shoot. Problem solved! The park looks so much different in the fall. It was gorgeous. See for yourself.... :)

Here's Jeff contemplating how awesome his wedding photos will be. Okay maybe his future with the lovely Brittany. Or both? :)

We ended with matching Rockies shirts. Too bad they didn't go further this year but there's always next year! (spoken like a true Cleveland fan at heart). I do the Tulo chant in my head whenever I see this pic:)

Brittany & Jeff, we will see you in April! 


sydney wedding video said...

Congratulation to both of you and best of luck in advance for your wedding.

Anonymous said...

What park were these photos taken at?

paul vincent said...

Awesome colors and moments! Nice work tess!

Kimothy •and• Tess - Love•n•Joy Photography said...

These photos were taken in Boulder at South Mesa Trailhead park :)

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