'Tis the Season to give the gift of Memories

Hello friends!

Just thought we'd start to share some of the really cool ways to showcase your favorite photos. There are SO many more creative ways to display your memories apart from the standard framed print! Although, we still love the tradition of hanging wall prints but we are going to start offering some really fun, unique frames and fine art prints that you can't get in stores (stay tuned for that post soon! we are reeeeally excited about it).

We offer canvas gallery prints for our clients that are fully customizable and a lot more dramatic and dimensional than merely hanging a print.

You can get really creative with the sizes of these canvases and you can even order long, slim panoramic canvases where a single image is broken up into a few separate canvases that are hung in a row on your wall.

Check out a recent order from a client of their favorite engagement session image! Love the beautiful, fall colors in this one. This canvas is a 16" x 20" size. It's probably my best size recommendation if you're looking for a piece that is not too large yet still very substantial and dramatic.

Consider skipping out on a cookie cutter gift for your recently engaged/married friend this holiday season and surprise them with a custom canvas from their wedding or engagement photos! Contact us at info@lovenjoyphotography.com for pricing and options. O ya, this is me telling you it's okay to gift yourself one of these bad boys for Christmas!

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones this year! Thank you for letting us find joy in documenting your love. We hope you look upon the images we've created for you as a reminder of how blessed you really are. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

Kimothy & Tess
Your Denver Wedding Photographers

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