Katie & Kyle...a sweet stroll through country Colorado {Boulder Engagement Photography}

Each blog updating event becomes more and more frustrating than necessary for us. We sit down with the intent to share recent work that we think is pretty cool, then blogger ruins everything. The alignment of the photos and text is sometimes off. The size of the images are confined to a small strip of space. We apologize for our blog looking a little helter skelter. But, you'll be happy to know we are completely revamping our blog in the next month and switching to Wordpress. What does this mean exactly? Larger images, easier to create/edit new posts, and the ability to use really dynamic Wordpress templates that can be fully customized (don't worry, we are hiring a professional to do this!) We cannot wait to share with you the new design!

Oops! Enough with the griping. I'm done, I promise.

Introducing Katie & Kyle! They are engaged and plan on marrying in 2012 but wanted to get going on an engagement session before Kyle departs to Afghanistan in May for military duty. We feel honored to have done this for them. And guess what! They are high school sweethearts (love that!) These two were so fun to work with and we hope their quiet, playful love resonates throughout the following images... P.S.- Colorado's beauty never ceases to fail us. We fully recognize and appreciate the 300 days of sunshine. :) Love, like sunshine, warms every moment...brightens every day.

You can't touch love, but you can feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. -Annie Sullivan
Yours truly, 
Kimothy & Tess
your Denver wedding photographers
& Boulder engagement photographers :)

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John said...

Lovely! High school sweethearts are the best! ;)

I totally feel your photo/text alignment pain with Blogger. I can't wait to hear how the switch goes!

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