LnJ's Week in Review

We realize we need to blog more about our lives behind the camera. Easier said than done. But we will give it more effort. Promise.

We spent the better part of the week in Las Vegas for WPPI. Can't wait for next year already!!

Highlights from the week:
•just being in Vegas. It's our happy place :)
•meeting Amelia & Justin Lyon. Amazing photographers. Amazinggg people.
•meeting the many Denver photographers at the Pictage party at Studio 54 (and many others sprinkled throughout the U.S.)
•hanging with Mr. Jensen Sutta
•the huuuuge trade show jam-packed with so many amazing new things to drool over. Personally, I'd like the $11,000+ canon lens. A girl can dream, right?? :)

At the Pictage party at Studio 54. We love each other.

We rushed home to attend the Crave Denver book launch at Jazz @ Jack's Thursday night.

We have spent the last few months photographing for this little book. It is such an honor to have been apart of it. We have met a lot of amazing ladies (and gentlemen) from it. A big shout out to Mia Voss for all her hard work putting it together and just being amazing. Thanks Mia!

Our spread in the book. Love it!
(above) Our logo was front and center of the board. We were excited, can you tell?? :) Photo by one of our favorite fellow photographers, John Bosley. And below is us with John. Photo taken by Nasim of Mansurovs Photography. Nasim and Lola are amazing as well. 
We also realize that next week's installment will not be as cool. Bare with us.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I'm going to sit on the couch for the majority of it. I'm EXHAUSTED!

Tess & Kimothy
(your Denver Wedding & Portrait Photographers)


John said...

I'm so jealous that you went to WPPI but am so glad you made it back for the CRAVE event!

Kimothy •and• Tess - Love•n•Joy Photography said...

Next year you HAVE to go! Done. Made the decision for you. :) and we couldn't miss the CRAVE party. Huge bags under our eyes and extreme exhaustion couldn't stop us.

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