Baby Jake comes home...

My new little nephew Jake has been getting settled in at home with his parents, Ava & Jason, here in Aurora, CO. It has been an exciting couple weeks for the proud parents and now the family is starting to filter into town to meet their new family member. Our sister Kathy and her 4 year old daughter, Mia, were the first to arrive from Albuquerque, NM. Naturally, I had to be there, camera in tow for the little reunion. It was my first time meeting Mia and right away, I wished that I had an ounce of the energy that little girl has! I think the following photographs completely capture her big personality (and I think that was the most still she sat all day :).

I'd like to share a funny Mia story:

* On the flight to Denver with her mom, Mia sat next to an elderly lady who informed them this was her first airplane ride. All of a sudden, as the plane was taking off, Mia sprung back in her seat and yelled "There are too many people on this thing! It's going to crash!" Kathy (Mia's mom) desperately tried to distract Mia as the elderly woman braced herself in her seat.

Mia was instantly obsessed with my husband Jared. He has a way with kids. They immediately believe he is a human jungle gym and enjoy his tried & true knock-knock jokes.

My beautiful sister Kathy & niece Mia

Proud parents with their firstborn! We are so happy for you two!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the star of the show...

Pensive Jake contemplating his schedule for the day...., poop, sleep.... or......sleep, eat, poop? These are tough beginnings, my friend.

I'll be sharing more of the family as they pour in and of Jake as he continues to grow at the speed of lightning. :)


If I have a monument in this world, it is my son.
-Maya Angelou

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