Hot Bride in the City...

So, this is probably one of my favorite photo shoots EVER! We had too much fun with Lauren's bridal session, romping around the city and pulling the car over whenever it struck our creative fancy. There a ton of really incredible landmarks to photograph at in Denver. We are so lucky. Not to mention the majestic Rocky Mountains, which we will certainly take advantage of in our upcoming shoots (stay tuned, we have lots of zany ideas brewing... :) ).

Lauren was incredible to work with, up for anything, and never once complained about heaving her huge mesh dress around all over town, or barely being able to fit into the backseat of my car because of it. lol Gotta love her great attitude! We think the photographs turned out pretty awesome. We posted most of them on our new website. More to come ya'll...

She looks stunning...Love the soft, glowy veil shots. (I kind of feel like I'm a fashion show commentator)

These shots were taken at the Dry Ice Factory...and gotta love that crazy black/white wall! I'd like to paint my future house walls in that same pattern...too much?

It's all about the details! As a bride, we know how much time and money you invest in the details (and that is the fun part of planning!) As your photographers, we make sure to pay attention to each unique component of your day, documenting all that hard work and the beautiful results.

Lucky us...this wall is directly beside our townhouse. Tess and I painted this for shoots ourselves.
Just kidding. It is probably the coolest graffiti wall ever though.

I LOVE this running shot. Lauren was a star athlete on her high school track team. She's still got it!~

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Lauren said...

You guys are awesome! I am taking it upon myself to market you guys to all of the brides I know. :)

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