Wedding Coordinator extraordinaire Julie McKenney of Bliss Elevated

We recently had the pleasure of getting together for brunch and delish mimosas with the fabulous Julie McKenney, owner and wedding coordinator of Bliss Elevated here in Denver. As we chatted about all the wonderful services she provides, I realized more and more that it would have been SO worth it to have hired someone like Julie for my day-of-wedding coordination!

As a bride, you initially believe wholeheartedly that you can do everything on your own, whether it be planning with vendors, budgeting, etc. Anything to save money! BUT...when the crazy big day finally arrives, you become overwhelmed with people and vendors bombarding you with questions galore about money, timeline, set up, etc. That is where Julie comes in! She handles everything from reviewing vendor contracts, coordinating & running the rehearsal, set up of ceremony & reception, managing wedding day flow, checklists, vendors & execution, and even the cleanup of the reception. Julie always brings along a huge wedding day emergency kit, prepared for any fiascos that could easily put a damper on your day without a quick fix at hand.

Sure, you can always ask your mother or aunt or sister to supervise the events of your day. But why would you, if you could pay a minimal fee for a professional to handle it, while your close family members get to sit back and enjoy themselves? Julie's experience and expertise make it definitely worth the investment. We all know having a wedding costs a pretty penny. It is wise to ensure that this day in which you've invested all of your time, effort, and resources will be perfectly executed and that you will actually be able to ENJOY it all.

On your wedding day, the last thing you want to think of is where & when you will store your gifts as the night unfolds, or when you need to start cleaning up, or telling the DJ to switch the song to something more upbeat, or why a hired vendor is not doing what they promised and keeps bugging you to pay him more money immediately (yes, this was my limo driver!! Julie, I needed you!). Sit back and relax. Enjoy it all knowing you are completely prepared and nothing has been overlooked.

We obviously recommend you contact Julie. She is so sweet, informative, and professional. You will not regret working with her. As wedding photographers, we are able to do our jobs better with a pro coordinator facilitating the events of your day.

Bliss Elevated website:

Julie also posts a lot of great planning & money saving tips on her blog:

Julie, myself, and Tess having brunch at The Coral Room in the Highlands. Those glasses of mimosa were bottomless and way too tasty! O ya, the food was good too :) This is how real women spend Super Bowl Sunday? lol

My departing words of wisdom (that I've borrowed from someone who is actually wise):

It's better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret. 
~Jackie Joyner Kersee

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