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Yes, wedding planning season is upon us. All you summer/fall bride-to-be's of 2010 are scrambling to book your venue, dj/band, coordinator, florist, photographers, and other wedding industry gurus.

I remember my own planning process last year and how stressful it could become at times. I kept daydreaming of a quick elope somewhere exotic and sans stress/guests/family. Who was I kidding? That was the best part; all of our closest friends and family celebrating along with us. So I sucked it up, invested a lot of serious planning time, and the results were pretty unforgettable. Absolutely worth the effort!

I also recall researching various vendors and the ads I would come across in print and online. While employed as a Graphic Designer and Photographer at  LCD Photography in Ohio, one of my main responsibilities was focusing on producing creative marketing & advertising that really set us apart from competitiors. Considering that state of mind, I sat down to work on an eye catching ad we could use at Love•n•Joy to quickly relate to the viewer who we are, how we're different, affordable, and that we are passionate (and pretty good) at what we do. 

I am very fond of the written word used poetically to illustrate a beautiful story. However, I am even more fond of photographs for this very reason. Hence the opening line, "Let us tell your love story in ways words never could." 

Hopefully, the ending bullets (describing why one should NOT call us) are not taken the wrong way. We definitely do not mean to be rude or crass, just playful and candid. We respect every bride, their families, and friends, and expect they do the same for all their hardworking vendors :)

The ad I have been rambling on about: [ click to enlarge ]

Let us know what you think!

If I could have put it into words, I would have written it down. But I couldn't, so I took a picture.
 - Anonymous

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