Angie & Brian Married! Breckenridge, CO {Denver Wedding Photographers}

Angie & Brian were married in Breckenridge on August 14th (we know, we know, we are behind on the blogging!) at Beaver Run Resort. It is so much fun for us to meet new clients, get to know them, talk about their wedding day, and to see it all come into fruition. Weddings really are a reflection of who you are as a couple and Angie & Brian's day really reflected their style...laid back, classic, elegant, and fun. 

Angie started the day with a family brunch. A custom in her family that her grandfather started. I would post a nice photo but how fun would that be?
Grandpa & grandchild. So precious:)
While Kimothy was at the brunch, I headed to Breckenridge Golf Club to meet up with Brian and the guys. Perfect day and an amazing view....

I call this one 'It takes an army'
Love the feather accents on her dress.

Perfect Colorado wedding accent..Aspen leaves down the aisle. Loved it.

We capture EVERYTHING :) Amy & Eric are good friends with Angie & Brian. Of course we had to do Eric's lemur pose. lol. I'm sorry Amy, it's just too funny:)

Brian is an awesome dancer. We could watch him all day.

Congratulations you two! We wish you the best in your new lives together.


“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”


Melissa Dockstader said...

Love the pictures! Too funny on the cover of the magazine the beautiful bride is reading is our friends! They were chosen to be on the cover of Wedding magazine!

Kimothy •and• Tess - Love•n•Joy Photography said...

What?! What an odd coincidence! Such a small world.

Amy Daly said...

Ha! That is a classic picture of me. Great photos (well, except for the one where you catch me making that awful face)! Beautiful couple, gorgeous location, fabulous wedding! :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful place to get married. I LOVE her dress! I LOVE the Grandpa and the grandchild so much!

And the morning of the wedding texts....too cute. What a brilliant idea! LOVE it!

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