Macy + Ben at The Greenbriar Inn in Boulder, CO {Colorado Wedding Photography}

Macy & Ben (sigh). We have fallen in love with this couple.

Tess and I had met them months ago when we first launched our studio together and they are one of those couples that reaffirm why we have chosen this career path. It is much less a career then it is a calling to muster up all God-given talent, technique, and passion and deliver the utmost beautiful work we can.

The day of exchanging vows finally arrived for these two and the much anticipated wedding was everything we hoped it would be and more. From every pretty little autumny (<--yes, just made up that word) detail Macy handcrafted, to the way her and Ben literally just glowed when they saw each other, to their amazing friends & family, and the delicious brunch buffet (check out the Greenbriar's Sunday brunch, it's delish)...this wedding was magical.

We are so incredibly happy for you two, so appreciative that we have gotten to know you both, and hope we can find many more reasons to photograph *and hang out* with you!

And now introducing...
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne!

Following the reception, Ben & Macy continued on to The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver and of course, we had to snap a few shots before saying our final goodbyes!
Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts. 
- William Shakespeare


Chelsey Gerger said...

she has my bridesmaid's shoes!! :) love those photos as always!

Benjamin Wayne said...

You guys are incredible. The end.

Macy Wayne said...

This is so amazing - thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. You have such talent, and it shows in all of the photos you took - we can't stop looking at them. We're looking at them again, right now! Love you guys!

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