Sydney + Dad + Park = pure JOY! {Children Photographers}

My cousin Mike contacted me out of the blue this past summer about photographing his daughter Sydney, who was turning 5 yrs old. Our family is a little distant on that side so I had never actually met Mike before and was thrilled that he reached out to me and had been following our work here at LnJ. While we were in Ohio for weddings, we arranged to meet and if weather permitted, include a photo shoot during the get together! Weather did not permit the first trip to OH. But I got the opportunity to meet a great man who I'm very regretful for just meeting now after all these years! AND his daughter is a photographer's dream. Bubbly, outgoing, charismatic and cute as a button, with fiery red hair and clear blue eyes. We kept saying we are going to submit her pics to Gap kids or United Colors of Benetton. Go ahead, click on the link to their site and tell me you don't agree. She'd be a PERFECT fit. I'm callin them up!! Not only was she the perfect little model (when Ohio finally smiled upon us on a different day and allowed us to take some lovely photos), she's also a little lady I'm proud to call my cousin! I only wish I had the Flip video on me to record her various ideas for poses. It was pretty hilarious and I hope you all can see what a fun kid she is through these photos. It's also very apparent how precious and unrelenting of a bond these two have as father-daughter. It was a JOY to witness.

Thank you for letting me document your fifth year in life Syd! And thank you Mike for going out on a limb and reaching out to a long lost cousin! Can't wait to photograph you guys again!

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart - anonymous
-xoxo, Kimoth (as I've been mistakenly called growing's Kimothy, folks!)

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