Chessa & Josh Married! {Destination Wedding Photography}

Internet, meet Chessa & Josh (their faces might look familiar because they are pasted all over our website:) This couple is special to us for a couple reasons..Chessa is Kimothy's sister in law and Chessa & Josh was our first couple to photograph together as a team; we realized that we COULD do the whole photography business.

So, we traveled back to Ohio to document the perfect Ohio wedding. What is a perfect Ohio wedding you might ask? It goes like this; beautiful weather, two adorable people so excited to get married, even more adorable flower girl and ring bearers, formal photos at a farm including a rustic red barn and a beautiful open field, a pastor that looks and sounds like Owen Wilson (it's uncanny!), a backyard reception complete with a tent that resembles a castle, tons of dancing, family and friends. So, enough of the rambling and on to the photos.....

The line up of flower girl and ring bearers. Cutest/funniest kids around. Kim's niece and nephews (triplets!!)
Some seriously awesome shoes (no, she didn't get married in those, just partied)
(above) Kimothy shooting in her bridesmaid dress. (below) why I love photographing weddings..pure love and joy (see what i did there??) ;)

Congratulations you two!! We wish you all the best and many healthy babies for us to photograph!;)

And my favorite quote about love:

"When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."


Taylor said...

Does anyone know where she got her shoes embroidered? I'm looking to do something similar and I looked at the Nike ID site and couldn't find a font that large. Any advice would be appreciated :)

Kimothy •and• Tess - Love•n•Joy Photography said...

Hi Taylor! Chessa informed us that she did in fact order the shoes from the NIke ID site. Hope that helps!

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