Contest is almost over! Have you entered??

We are in the last stretch of the contest and we want to encourage more last minute participation. If you are just stopping by click here for details of the contest. 

Here are just a few of our favorite entries so far:

fresh snow, colorado sunset, snow covered pines, 2 dogs, toboggan, favorite beanies and warm clothes.

Me, my best friends from grad school, dressed in fun fall colors and fun textures like sweaters,wool hats, scarfs, blankets with grad school books scattered, us laughing about all of our amazing memories together, posing together walking through tall grass, us re-telling stories that we have experienced (you capturing us laughing at each other), us all holding coffee cups to symbolize the cafine that got us through grad school. Location: By the Plate River in Littleton(by grad school). This would be such a gift to us if we win this :) 

•Okay, here's my suggestion for our first Mr. & Mrs. photo shoot. Library or book store, book stacks, books and magazines (some with funny/witty/ironic/thoughtful titles?), comfy reading chairs,!

If all else fails I'd love some glamour shots Napoleon Dynamite style! (you know, two toned back drop, multiple wardrobe changes, side pony, and a strategically placed mole)

Let's see who can top those. I challenge you to try! Contest ends November 17th. Good luck!:)


Hilary-Jane Hilton said...

OK. I got it.
Tim Tebow.
Bronco statium.
Me in his jersey.
Him in his jersey.
us playing football on a beautiful fall day.
he proposes to me at the end of the session and you have it all on film :)

Hilary-Jane Hilton said...

OR get a local buisness that sells high end fashion to lend some outfits to take high fashion photos in down town denver. Return the outfits and give them free photos of their merchandise and you get high end photos at the end! Fun! You could also get MAC to do make up and a local salon to donate hair services. They could each get free photos of their services! Fun!

lauraland said...

Great Gatsby theme Croquet game with some good friends in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Imagine- Floppy hats, suspenders, pin stripes, martinis in a very peculiar setting.

Amy said...

Casual Camping Picnic. Scenic overview. 2-person tent nestled in the background. Picnic for two with wine and snacks and a game of Yahtzee played near the fire.

Meghan said...

The cutest little four legged man, dog, that is. Dressed in his very best black and white (his fur coat, of course). In an alley, or a warehouse, somewhere raw. He looks cute, he makes you smile, he then makes everyone reading this blog smile because honestly...He is THAT. DAMN. CUTE. And who doesn't love their dog?!

Sara said...

My fiance and I,engagement photos, dog sledding in beautiful Breckenridge.

Brandee said...

Snowboarding on an awesome powder day with my favorite girl friends. Gondola rides, knee deep in powder in the trees, partaking in some apres ski after an awesome day on the mountain.

Kimothy •and• Tess - Love•n•Joy Photography said...

Thank you for the wonderful ideas! You are all so creative. We hope you call us to schedule your shoot :)

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