Oh Baby! {newborn photography}

Newborns are so fun to photograph. They will never be this small again. I can't get enough of their little feet, hands, chubby cheeks and feather hair. Meet Landon, the adorable first born of Ashley & Chris. We met Chris aka Gip waaay back in middle school. Then he met a wonderful woman. And now he's married. With a child. That is his mini-me. Where did the years go??

Landon was amazingly alert for most of the shoot and when he looks at you he actually LOOKS at you. Most newborns have that unfocused, dreamy look in their eyes but not Landon. He was so interested in the camera it made photographing him easy.

O-H!!! (I-O)

He looks like a baby doll I had when I was young. So cute. I want to squeeze him (gently). :)

Congratulations Ashley & Gip! We're so happy for you two. Thank you for letting us in on this special event in your life. We hope we get to photograph Landon for many years to come.

And a quote about newborns:

It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into. 
~Terri Guillemets

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