Megan & Brian engaged! {Denver Engagement}

We met up with Megan & Brian at Rocky Mountain National Park a few weeks before their wedding. Yes, they are now in marital bliss....those photos to come!:) This shoot was fun for a couple reasons; we saw our first bear (photo below), it was our first time to shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park and Megan & Brian packed a cute little picnic with fun props. Megan & Brian spend a lot of time in the park and led us to a secluded little clearing they discovered. We promised to secrecy and can't share the exact location, sorry!:)

He's small but he's there. I had my wide angle lens on, please forgive me.

Reminds me of Twilight or the Real Housewives of Atlanta...right? I'm a pop culture junkie. I can't help it. Try not to judge.

Who else is so excited for Thanksgiving? I'll be in the Cleveland area and Kimothy will be in DC for the next week. Let us know if you'd like to book a session!

Your Denver, Cleveland, DC & beyond Photographers,
Tess & Kimothy

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How far away were you actually away from the bear?

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