Bouquet of flowers for the lady?

I just had to share some of the creative and beautiful bouquets I have been seeing on Choosing a color palette might be one of the hardest or easiest parts of planning. Depending on if you know exactly what you want. Some brides incorporate their favorite color along with the grooms. Once you have chose your colors you are able to really start the planning of all decorations and flowers. I found this website for choosing color palettes. Kimothy went to a paint store and collected color swatches. It was such a good idea because she was able to whip them out of her purse whenever people asked about her wedding colors.  

So creative. The florist, Michael Georgetook many rose petals to make one large rose. I love it!
Colorful ideas....

What flower is found on the face?....tulips!

and one for the men:

I lorveee the orange. Dahlias seem to be a popular flower this summer and they are really cute. Oh, Martha keep up the good work...

Happy flower planning!

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