Diane & Matt at Arrowhead

Tess and I spent this past Saturday doing what we love best, photographing an adorable couple on a gorgeous day at a stunning & unique location. Diane & Matt met us at Arrowhead Golf Course in Littleton, CO where they will be having their wedding on September 18, 2010. Arrowhead has got to be one of the most beautiful courses in the nation. The scenery is unreal! Deer frolic about the greens and the majestic sandstone red rocks tower over you as you look up in awe. This is definitely one of our favorite locations for a shoot, not to mention a wedding.

Diane & Matt How They Met...
She went to DU. They met at a party a mutual friend threw. Sparks flew. She lived in San Antonio but that was through. :) 6 months later...she came back to Denver for her one true love. And thus, Matt & Diane began and they've been inseparable ever since. (Kimothy is a rap supa staaaa)

Peruse through some of the shots we got of this hopelessly in love couple (picture says a thousand words...). They were such a pleasure to work with and so sweet together! We just stood back, let them naturally interact, and we couldn't help but continually letting out "oooo...awwwwwww...how cute!"

It got chilly as the day progressed, but luckily Diane holding Matt so close made for pretty adorable shots.

You can just feel the love. How cute are they?!

Love how in-the-moment they really were throughout the shoot!

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."
-Judy Garland

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