Maid of Honor Guide pt. 1

You've been selected as the Maid of Honor, congratulations! The first thing that went through my mind was now what?! Well, lucky for you I compiled a list of responsibilities and websites for you. This post concentrates on the duties and responsibilities of the MOH. Being selected as the MOH is a huge honor. You are someone that is very close to the bride to be and deemed trust worthy. Relieving the bride's stress should be your #1 concern. Many brides take on way too much and start to drown in the to do list. Ask her what she needs done.

The long and short of the duties & responsibilities: (more in-depth posts to follow!)
• helping the bride to be with anything and everything
• be prepared to give your opinion
• help address invites
• help with the wedding registry
• go wedding dress shopping
• hosting the bridal shower
• organizing the bachelorette party (best part of the whole process)
• standing next to bride at the alter, holding her bouquet, keeping the ring safe, fixing her dress and veil
• witness on marriage license
• giving a toast/speech at the reception

This checklist is awesome.

For more info check out
Bridesmaid 101
The Maid of Honor Guide
Our Marriage

Most importantly, have fun with the process. It is a once in a lifetime event for your bride. Make it less stressful and special for her.

Kimothy and I on her wedding day:) ....I really need that tan back....

Good friends are like stars…. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.
— Unknown

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