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As a photographer, one of the most rewarding aspects of this job is receiving positive feedback after the session is done, the photos have been edited, delivered and we continue our daily task of getting our business up and running. Tess & I have made it a priority to focus on maintaining our company goals, style, and high quality service & products. A great bonus to all this is establishing lifelong relationships with our clients who become our friends along the way.

I received this very sweet testimonial from Becky Bellows recently and thought I'd share. I will admit, I definitely shed a tear (or two!). My goal as the co-owner of this photography company has been the same from the very beginning: "Find Joy in Life. Share Joy with Others".  To think that our clients are immediately identifying with this in the service and work we provide them, is the most amazing feeling! 

Testimonial from Becky:

"I first discovered Kimothys talent when I saw gorgeous photographs she had taken of my good friends two daughters while she was visiting here in Virginia.  Upon seeing the photographs, I asked my friend whether Kimothy was available to take photographs of my children before she left town.   Lucky for me, she was available and she came by my home on her way to the airport.  My children are 12, 10 and 4, but my youngest has significant health issues that have caused her to be very delayed both physically and developmentally.  Before the photo shoot, I was unsure about how the session would go because my son (the 10 year old) never cooperates with photographers and my youngest daughter doesnt understand enough to take directions.  Within minutes, my concerns evaporated because Kimothy was immediately able to get and keep my youngest daughters attention What was even more amazing was Kimothys ability to capture the essence of my baby girl in every photograph.  My husband and I always say that Annie is an angel, and Kimothys photographs are proof.   I dont know how Kimothy did it, but she took the most beautiful photographs of Annie looking up at her, laughing on a swing, lounging on the couch, and being kissed by her older siblings.  The photos were so incredible that I had to buy the entire disc.  With the CD, my husband made calendars for family and friends and I picked out my four favorite and put them in our Christmas card.  I am still receiving compliments from friends about the photographs.  Kimothy was also tremendous with my two older children, taking photographs of them with their favorite things (for my 12-year-old, that would be her cats, and for my 10-year-old, it was his Transformers poster).  My husband and I were so pleased with Kimothys photographs (and with her  she really is a joy to be around!) that we cant wait until she returns to Virginia to take more photographs of our children."

Thank you Becky for the kind words! I cannot wait to photograph the kids again next time I'm in the D.C. area!

A few of my faves from the session with Becky's beautiful kiddos:

This is Annie! She is an angel :) Such a sweet, lovable girl. 

Katie holding her prized cats!

Joshua, the Transformers buff !

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