your own wedding CoLoR palette!

As a graphic designer, I am often searching for inspiring color palettes to use throughout brand identity systems.

I just recently came across this website called Colour Lovers:

I was thrilled to find out that they have a Wedding section with popular wedding color trends, inspiration, palettes, photos, etc. I would have LOVED to have this prior to my wedding day. So helpful and it's really good to understand your overall color palette from the get go of your planning. Then you can really focus on bringing the various colors of your palette out in all the details. It will also lend to creating a more cohesive, coordinated atmosphere on your big day.

Hope you check this out! More inspiring/helpful websites to come.

Yessssss, I get to relive my wedding planning days vicariously through all of you bride-to-be's. THANK YOU! :)

screenshot of the Wedding section of the site:

one of the color palettes i LOVE:

Happy Planning!

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