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Okay, so now I have devised a wonderful solution to those sleepless nights when I just can't seem to turn my brain OFF. I will gather all those random ideas that seem to endlessly bounce around in my head, preventing Z's, and put them to good use. Why not write on our blog instead of incessantly fighting off what could be very profound thinking at 12:35 am? Brilliant!

Hmm, don't get your hopes up about the profound part, but at least I can release some of this nocturnal energy (where was this at 8 am?) via a productive outlet.

The following are some of the random thoughts I had this evening (now morning) while looking up at our blinds and wishing the streetlights weren't so annoyingly bright and wondering why we chose to live in a townhouse that sits alongside a continually bustling city street:

• I recently crowd surfed for the first time in my life this past weekend. A group of us made the journey to Aspen to get there just in time to stand in 30 degree weather where my much adored indie-rock band Vampire Weekend would be playing at a small downtown intersection.

Notice lead singer Ezra Koenig's breath in the following photo:
     Photo by Michael McGrath. Denver Post.

No one seemed to mind the cold, most were pretty warmed up courtesy of the nearby Budlight stands, and VW put on an amazing show. They are one of those bands where once you see them live, your loyalty becomes solidified tenfold. 

Back to my crowd surfing moment (see how one thought can take you on a completely different, irrational course? I know, it's called ADHD. I need to see a professional). 

So, I would have never agreed to crowd surf if asked because simply put, it is dangerous and ya, you rely 100% on the attentiveness of complete strangers to keep you from really breaking something. A friend of mine decided not to give me a choice in the matter and being a little person, it was easy for him to heft me into the air. Before I realized what was going on, I was raised higher and higher and began to drift atop the swaying crowd and glistening lights, Ezra Koening growing larger and larger as I moved toward the stage. It was a pretty surreal moment. I gave into the crowd, cocking my head back and stretching out my limbs. I floated for what felt like an eternity then somehow I was gently set down back where my group remained. And ya, I couldn't stop smiling. That was fun. 

So let me bring this back around full circle. Tonight I was thinking about the timeline of our photography business and how it is growing much more quickly than I would have ever imagined for this first humble year in CO. I was wondering what and who could be responsible for this increase in our emerging Denver presence (I always say it's my Mom watching out for me) then an interesting metaphor became to materialize as I was simultaneously thinking, "Wow, crowd surfing is ridiculously awesome and that concert was totally worth the drive." All those little helping hands pushing you along unselfishly to greater heights. It made me realize what an odd concept that is and how blessed Tess and I have been out here thus far and how blessed we were where we came from as well. I attribute every goal we attain to hardwork, unrelenting passion and genuinely good people who stand by us. Whether it be the support, love, and generosity of our parents, families, and dear friends (and of course you, Jared), or other established industry professionals who are taking the time to share their words of wisdom and graciously telling others about us; bottom line = we are unbelievably blessed and grateful. 

Thank you to those that continue to lift us up as we pursue our love and joy in life. 

One more random thought I must release immediately; while Tess and I worked at a local coffee shop downtown today, a very peculiar, rambling homeless woman decided to sit at our table and divulge her life story and philosophies to us. Among her stories, which most probably aren't appropriate to share publicly, I keep thinking about how she declared that we are the only ones who can limit ourselves and our minds. No one else can do that to us. We will go as far as we believe we can. Good thought, lady. One rational thought amidst the chaotic spouting. 

K, now I'm tired. Buenas noches mis amigas. There will be more midnight ranting to come :) Instead of a quote, I bid thee goodnight with a little lullably from Vampire Weekend called Diplomat's Son.


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